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1.Allevitate the tiredness of Back
If you feel the lumbago & backache after a whole day work;
The Back Relax Mate could alleviate your back tiredness.
2.Alleviate the pressure of Neck
If you feel the neckache,whacked & energyless;
Why not try LP-906 Back Relax Mate.
Product principle
The backbone is squeezed by work in a long time and the incorrect posture.
Causing the muscle and ligament tighten,so it is easy feeling tiredness,nervous tension & indigestion etc.
The Back Relax Mate is designed simulating the human body by the British physical therapist.
Erecting your backbone,have the muscle around the backbone alleviated;
Ravel out the backache,waistache,neckache,insomnia,tiredness,nervous tension and indigestion etc.problems.